Now that cold/flu season is in full swing, you’re probably wondering about different tactics you can take to avoid getting sick.

Here are four ways you can avoid catching a cold, or decreasing your likelihood of having severe flu symptoms.

Get your Flu Shot

All the old myths of getting the flu from getting the flu shot, or being of a certain age to receive it, or being healthy so it’s not necessary, have all been debunked.  Getting your flu shot is not only a preventative measure to avoid getting the flu, but you can even lessen your cold symptoms by getting vaccinated.

Always Wash Your Hands

Every time you shake someone’s hand, handle garbage, ride public transit, and self-explanatory, use the bathroom, you should be sure to wash your hands.  Running water and soap will dilute any germs and viruses and send them straight down the drain.

Limit Contact with Sick People

Keeping your distance from people with symptoms such as coughing and sneezing will increase your chances of not getting sick from others.

Get the Proper Rest

With Daylight Savings underway, this is another reason to catch up on more sleep, so take advantage of the longer nights to rest up, as your body needs proper rest to operate functionally.